RASCO Boom Mower – KKM

The KKM front boom mower, boasting over a 3.5-meter reach, is tailored for road vegetation maintenance, offering versatility and efficiency in various environments:

  • Compact Design: The mower’s compact size makes it well-suited for urban, rural, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Municipal Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with small municipal vehicles, enhancing its adaptability for diverse maintenance tasks.
  • Adjustable Front Frame: Equipped with a front frame featuring slide rails, supporting two hydraulically operated arms and a mowing head at the top of the upper arm.
  • Mowing Head Flexibility: The mowing side can be easily changed, allowing for adaptability to different vegetation types and mowing requirements.
  • Versatile Equipment: Accommodates various mowing heads and hedge trimmers, providing a versatile solution for a range of vegetation maintenance needs.
Depth 45.6 ” (1,160 mm)
Transportation Width 66.9″ (1,700 mm)
Transportation Height 49.2″ (1,250 mm)
Sliding Area 51.2″ (1,300 mm) – Horizontal movement of boom arm
Max Reach from Centre 139.8″ (3,550 mm)
Cutting Width 39.4″ (1,000 mm)
Standard Mowing on both sides, Made from high quality steel
Options Mowing head, Hedge trimmer, SelectMotion control system, TotalMotion control system, Counterweight with storage legs with jacks and wheels

Intuitive control systems
The boom mower is controlled using an advanced unit inside the vehicle cabin. This unit includes a joystick for operating the crane arms and working tools, along with a color display for controlling mower relief, floating position, and extra functions.

Depending on the terrain which is being maintained, and user preferences, there are two control systems available:

Selective proportional control makes it easy to operate the mower’s boom arm and working tool on tough terrains. When you move the joystick, it activates a specific hydraulic cylinder, meaning you need to move the joystick more to position the boom arm where you’d like it.

Fully proportional control is designed for challenging terrains with obstacles, requiring constant maneuvering of the boom arms. Using the joystick enables swift adjustments to the boom arm position by moving multiple cylinders with a single joystick motion.