RASCO Compact Vacuum Sweeper – SX 1200, 1600, 2

The SX compact vacuum sweeper is a sweeper/suction unit designed to fit on most compact tractors and multi-purpose vehicles:

  • Compact Design: The SX fits on sidewalks, narrow pathways, bike paths and other similar urban areas.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with small municipal vehicles, enhancing its adaptability for diverse maintenance tasks.
  • Recirculation System: Fresh water is filtered and recirculated to ensure maximum dust suppression.
  • Control Unit: The sweeper brushes are operated by a control unit located in the cab, making operation simple and easy.
  • Electric Suction Valve Control: The suction mouth can be raised and lowered from inside the cab to be able to pick up large piles of leaves, papers and fine sand.

Spec Sheet

SX1200 SX1600 SX2
Water Tank Capacity 58.1 US G (220 ℓ) 74 US G (280 ℓ) 79.3 US G (300 ℓ)
Waste Container Volume 1.6 cu yd (1.2 m³) 2.1 cu yd (1.6 m³) 2.6 cu yd (2 m³)
Tipping Height 67″ (1.7 m) 63″ (1.6 m) 57″ (1.5 m)
Cleaning Width (2 brushes) 79″ (2 m)
Cleaning Width (3 brushes) 94″ (2.4 m)
Suction fan capacity 4944 cu yd (3780 m³/h) 9156 cu yd (7000 m³/h)
Standard Features Intuitive Sweeper Control Panel, Manual Suction Hose, Easy Removal and Installation
Mounting Custom options available
Options Hydraulic Brush Tilting, Electrical Suction Valve Control, High Pressure Washer