The Compact Series - Small in size, BIG on Impact

Compact Single Auger Box Blower​

Our compact box blower is the perfect solution for effective snow removal. It’s simple to use and safe to operate, with a low-profile housing for more visibility and a direct-drive chute for fewer moving parts.

Compact Folding V-Plow

Effortlessly tackles obstacles with durability and efficiency. Its adjustable features, multiple blade positions, and independent trip edges ensure smooth snow removal with minimal hydraulic requirements.

Compact Sweeper

Powerful, versatile, and built to tackle any cleaning challenge. With its durable construction, efficient performance, and user-friendly features, it’s the ultimate cleaning solution.

Compact Angle Plow

Engineered for weight reduction and simplicity, this innovative attachment proves to be the ideal solution for efficiently clearing snow from sidewalks and parking areas.

Compact Dump Box

Corrosion-resistant, and compatible with rear-mounted spreaders. Carry more, refill less. Strong, rust-proof, and versatile makes it perfect for safely transporting salt, sand, tools, and machinery.

Compact Drop Spreader

Lightweight, ideal for sanding or salting. Features turn signals, brake and backup lights. Effortlessly control material flow rate. Easy to install and operate with hydraulic drive.

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