METEC’s thorough manufacturing process includes everything from raw materials to complex finishing and special coatings. METEC works with customers and suppliers to ensure that material specifications are appropriate for the application and that quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process, from simple turning and milling to complex precision machining and final product packaging.

Committed To Quality

Committed To You

Saw Flame Plasma Waterjet Laser Cutting & Bending

Saw, Flame, Plasma, Water-jet and Laser cutting.
We’ll help you pick the right cutting option for your project.  Need something bending? 
Consider it bent!

Conventional NC CNC Turning & Milling​

Conventional, NC and CNC Precision Turning & Milling.
Metec’s cutting-edge NC and CNC milling and turning equipment ensures maximum efficiency and quality.

MIG MAG Stick TIG Welding

Different Methods of Welding for Different Materials and Applications.
Metec’s highly skilled welders are among the best in the industry.

Product Testing & Assembly

Where the Project Truly Comes Together!
Metec does more than just machine and fabricate your components. We are the “Go-To-Shop” for assembling your valued products efficiently and according to your specifications.

Additional Services

Metec offers many other services including but not limited to sandblasting, plating, powder coating, heat treating, custom packaging.