GMR Weed Control – UK 625 MDS, 625 HDS

The compact yet strong design of this mechanically or hydraulically operated weed brush makes it ideal for compact tractors or tool carriers.

  • Comes with a tough steel brush to get rid of weeds without the use of chemicals.
  • With its multi-direction, 65° hydraulic tilt, the brush head can be tilted in four different directions.
  • Reversible, so you can work from either side.
  • Requires one hydraulic double-acting motor valve for operating, and three double-acting valves for control.
UK 625 MDS UK 625 HDS
Type Mechanical Hydraulic
Weight 441 lbs (200 kg)
Brush Head 24” (62 cm) w/2 32 steel brushes
Brush Plate Spline mounted Brush
Brush Adjustment Hydraulic
Number of Brushes 40 pcs
Angling 65° Right/Left Hydraulic
Security Equipment Rubber Shield Overflow Valve & Rubber Shield
Standard Features Removable 10”
Hitch Category A-Frame or 3-Point CAT I or II
Options Electric reversal kit, Supporting wheels