METEC Tow Behind Spreader – TBS48

Introducing METEC’s Tow Behind Spreader, the ultimate solution for all your spreading needs, setting the standard for spreading efficiency and effectiveness. Key Features include:

  • Ample Capacity: With a 1 cu yd capacity, it minimizes refill frequency, maximizing productivity.
  • Wide Spreading Width: Featuring a 39.5” spreading width, it covers large areas efficiently.
  • Precise Control: Equipped with hydraulic surge brakes, agitator, and adjustable spreading volume for precise spreading control.
  • Built for Durability: Anti-friction panels prevent clogging, while lockable yet easy-to-open grate retainers ensure lasting performance.
  • Easy Attachment: Easily attachable with an adjustable pintle hitch for quick setup and convenience.
Capacity 1 cu yd (800 ℓ)
Weight 1,600 lbs (726 kg)
Hopper Width 48” (1.2 m)
Spreading Width 39.5” (1 m)
Overall Height 46” (1.1 m)
Hitch Category Pintle Hook, adjustable from 20” to 30” height
Standard Features Hydraulic surge breaks, Single auger agitator, Adjustable spread volume/spring tension, Anti-friction panels in hopper, Adjustable hydraulic flow, Easy to open and lockable grate retainers