CELLI Side-Shift Flail Mower – VEGA/SR 150, 175, 200

Introducing the VEGA/SR, the ultimate versatile and high-performance flail mower, tailored to meet the diverse needs of agricultural and horticultural tasks. Key Features include:

  • Perfect Solution for Versatility: The VEGA/SR stands out as the perfect solution for those seeking a versatile, high-performance flail mower.
  • Designed for Excellence: Crafted to excel in a variety of agricultural and horticultural tasks, ensuring superior performance in every operation.
  • Ideal for Small Tractors: Specifically designed for operations involving small horsepower tractors, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Exceptionally adaptable, the VEGA/SR is suitable for everything from cutting grass to maintaining vineyards and orchards, meeting the needs of various tasks with ease.
  • Robust Performance: With its strong performance and multifunctional capabilities, this flail mower is built to handle demanding tasks efficiently.
  • Indispensable Agricultural Tool: The VEGA/SR is an indispensable tool for any agricultural professional, providing reliable and effective solutions for maintaining your land.
VEGA/SR – 150 VEGA/SR – 175 VEGA/SR – 200
Weight 1,014 lbs (460 kg) 1,124 lbs (510 kg) 1,235 lbs (560 kg)
Overall Width 66” (168 cm) 76” (193 cm) 86” (218 cm)
Working Width 59” (150 cm) 69” (175 cm) 79” (200 cm)
Power Requirements 45 HP (33 kW) 50 HP (36 kW) 60 HP (44 kW)
# of FLAT hammers 14 16 18
Type PTO / Hydraulic / Skid Steer
Standard Features PTO: 540 rpm, Reversible version by inverting the hitch, 4 belt transmission, Side-shifting on 2 chromium-plated rods – by threaded bar, Fixed front and center counter-blades, Rear roller Ø 194 mm, Gearbox with freewheel safety device and rear double PTO, Double shielded box frame, Side safety guards, Rotor Ø 139.7 mm flat hammers (Ø 410 mm), Drive shaft without safety device
Hitch Category 3PH w/ 2 working positions, w/ height that can be offset by 2.4” (6 cm), CAT I & II

Tools for rotor: 3 blades (2 Y-shaped blades + 1 with straight blade), Gearbox with double freewheel safety device (for driving in reverse), Side skid kit, Pair of wear-resistant plates for side skids, Hydraulic side-shift kit, 2nd hitch kit