METEC Water Tank – WT 80

There’s a reason why we call this one the backpack! Given its compact design and lightweight, this 80-gallon water tank can be easily removed.

  • The tank is equipped with a 45-psi water pump designed for articulating and straight frame tractors.
  • The belly strap stops the tank from expanding when exposed to sunlight.
  • Quick connectors provided allow you to empty the tank easily and safely.
  • Stop, turn and taillights are combined into one single light.
  • The steel frame is powder-coated for protection against corrosion, and tubing is capped to prevent rust.

Tilting Frame
This tilting frame can be used with drop sanders and water tanks on wheel loaders and gives easy access to the engine compartment.

WT 80
Weight Filled 790 lbs (358 kg)
Volume 80 G (303 ℓ)
Height 47” (119 cm)
Width 31” (79 cm)
Depth 36” (91 cm)
Standard Features Stop, Turn, Tail, Reverse Lights
Hitch Category Must be mounted with titling frame / 3PH
Options Tilting Frame – TRA-WN-WL32, Custom colours available