METEC Sweeper – HS 84, 96, 108

A versatile all-season attachment, suitable for sweeping various debris like snow, gravel, and sand. You can effortlessly clear snow without the concern of causing any harm to parking lots and roads.

  • Brushes are made of high-quality, wear-resistant polyurethane.
  • The 32”-diameter brushes are quick and easy to change.
  • Semi-Pneumatic caster wheels make it easier to follow the edge of sidewalks and roads.
  • 180 degree Plastic cowling controls flying debris.
  • The angle of the brush can be effortlessly hydraulically adjusted.
  • Wet kit including water tanks, spray bar for dust suppression and water pump.
HS84 HS96 HS108
Weight ~1,600 lbs (~726 kg)
Clearing Width 84″ (213 cm) 96″ (244 cm) 108″ (274 cm)
Clearing Width at 25° 76″ (193 cm) 87″ (221 cm) 98″ (249 cm)
Overall Width 89″ (226 cm) 101″ (257 cm) 113″ (287 cm)
Overall Height 45″ (114 cm) with water tanks
Hydraulic Requirements 14-30 GPM (53-114 ℓ/min)
Swing Angle 25°
Type Hydraulic
Brush Diameter 32″ (80 cm)
Standard Features PU cowling, Parking legs, Poly steel combination brushes, semi-pneumatic casters, wet kit and
x2-26 G (98 ℓ) water tanks
Hitch Category Volvo/ISO23727 Wheel Loader, Skid Steer Quick Attach, John Deere Hook and Pin, Case backhoe Loader Pattern, Kubota 4 Point front hitch (other hitches available)