KAHLBACHER Ribbon Blower KFS 750L – 1350, 1500, 1800

As the big brother of the KFS 650, the KFS 750L delivers enhanced clearing performance while maintaining impressively low axle loads. Perfect for demanding snow-clearing tasks, the KFS 750L is your reliable partner in conquering winter challenges with ease.
Key Features include:

  • Impressive Snow Projection Range: Effortlessly propels snow up to 98 feet (30 meters) for optimal clearing effectiveness.
  • Flexible Power Alternatives: Compatible with both PTO and Hydraulic systems for versatile functionality.
  • Center-Driven Design: Improves snow removal efficiency and reliability.
  • Hydraulic Chute Maneuverability: Facilitates easy adjustment of snow discharge direction for precise handling.
  • Replaceable Wear Plate: Ensures durability and reduces maintenance needs with easily replaceable plates.
  • Automatic Overload Protection: Safeguards against excessive strain, ensuring smooth operation and durability.
  • Varied Chute Selection: Provides a variety of chute options to meet diverse requirements.
KFS 750L – 1350 KFS 750L – 1500 KFS 750L – 1800
Weight 1,113 lbs (505 kg) 1,146 lbs (520 kg) 1,191 lbs (540 kg)
Clearing Width 53” (135 cm) 59” (150 cm) 71” (180 cm)
Clearing Height 43” (110 cm)
Cutting Auger Diameter 30” (75 cm)
Power Requirements 60 – 95 HP (45 – 71 kW)
Impeller Diameter 26” (67 cm)
Throwing Range 98’ (30 m)
Type PTO or Hydraulic
Standard Features Centre Driven Design, Hydraulic chute rotation, Changeable Wear Plate, Automatic Overload Protection, Wear Ring w/ Serrated Edge
Hitch Category 3 Point Hitch (Custom options available)
Options Larger Sizes Available, Custom colours, Chute options: Ejection, Telescopic, Loading, Chute Extension

Types of chutes: