METEC Pickup Sweeper – PS60

Experience the convenience and efficiency of METEC’s Pickup Sweeper. Revolutionize your cleanup efforts and maximize productivity across your operations with this innovative solution. Key Features include:

  • Versatile Solution: Perfect for site cleanup, dust suppression, road construction, and airport maintenance.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Handles parking lots, sidewalks, and warehouses with ease.
  • Powered by Hydraulic Precision: Ensures thorough dirt and debris collection.
  • Durable Construction: Featuring AR 400 cutting edges for long-lasting reliability.
  • Customizable Convenience: Easily adjust broom height and lifting hooks for tailored performance.
  • Versatility in Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of hitch setups for seamless integration.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Optional extras like caster wheels, wet kit, and side brush available for added utility.
Weight ~1,370 lbs (~621 kg)
Clearing Width 60” (152 cm)
Overall Width 69” (174 cm)
Tank Capacity 68 US G (257 ℓ)
Bucket Capacity ~3/8 cu yd (~283 ℓ)
Cutting Edges AR 400
Hydraulic Requirements 9 – 15 GMP (34 – 57 ℓ/min)
Type Hydraulic Driven
Standard Features Quick Adjust Broom Height, Lifting Hooks, Metal Cowling
Hitch Category Skid Steer, CAT I/CAT II, 3PH
Options Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Kit, Wet Kit, Side Brush