METEC Oscillating Angle Plow – AP60

This new and improved plow design is sure to impress!

  • The 6° gravity oscillation requires no cylinders or springs.
  • The cylinder bump stops prevent the cylinder from contracting and hitting the cylinder base.
  • The hydraulic relief valve prevents damage to the hydraulics when sudden impact or shock occurs.
  • With a one-piece cutting edge, the replacement process is a breeze.
  • Thanks to the AR 400 curb guards and tapered mouldboard sides, your plow is protected and snowbanks are cut straight.
  • The parking stands provided offer convenient parking and storage.
Weight 635 lbs (288 kg)
Clearing Width 61” (155 cm)
Clearing Width at 28° 53.9” (137 cm)
Overall Width 61” (155 cm)
Mouldboard Height 28″ (71 cm)
Swing Angle 28°
Cutting Edges Mild steel standard
Power Requirements 40 HP (30 kW)
Standard Features Oscillation 6°, Cylinder stops, one piece cutting edge, AR400 curb guards and sides, Collapsible spring guides, Adjustable parking legs, relief valve for cylinders
Hitch Category CAT I, CAT II, 2” Ø Roundbar, Custom available
Options Hardened blade, Carbide blade, Custom colours