Cerruti Centre Driven Ribbon Blower – Hydraulic Basic – L 1200/1300/1400

Ideal for lower horsepower tractors and skid steers. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be used in places where space is restricted and the clearing of snow would be impossible using standard equipment.

  • The augers are made with a serrated edge to cut through hard-packed snow and ice.
  • Adjustable skid shoes allow you to adjust the height of the cutting edge to save blowing gravel off of the pathway.
  • Hydraulic chute rotation and deflector adjustment allow you to make adjustments without leaving the tractor cab.
L 1200 L 1300 L 1400
Weight 485 lbs (220 kg) 529 lbs (240 kg) 562 lbs (255 kg)
Clearing Width 47″ (1200 mm) 51” (1300 mm) 55” (1400 mm)
Overall Width 48” (1220 mm) 52” (1320 mm) 65” (1420 mm)
Intake Height 27.6” (700 mm)
Overall Height 66” (1685 mm)
Cutting Auger Diameter 16” (400 mm) with ice-breaker
Oil Requirements 10.5/16 GPM (40/60 l/min) 12/18.5 GPM (45/70 l/min) 13/18.5 GPM (50/70 l/min)
Impeller Diameter 16” (400 mm)
Standard Features Reinforced frame, cast iron gearbox, auger with ice breaker, hydraulic chute rotation, hydraulic chute deflector adjustment.
Hitch Category Mounting plate or similar connection
Options Fully-adjustable chute in galvanized iron, electric chute rotation, electric chute deflector, vertical floating suspension, other size available

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