KUGELMANN Truck-Mounted Spreader – A XX1

The one-chamber technology keeps things simple, which makes it ideal for many spreading applications.

  • It’s low-profile design ensures a lower centre of gravity to prevent tipping.
  • Equipped with tarps that protect the material from rain and water.
  • The auger includes three different axes for the perfect dosing and can be reversed if it gets blocked.
  • The spreading width and direction can be adjusted by electronic control, even while in operation. The left and right sides also work independently!
  • Completely made of stainless steel, the width, length, and height of this spreader can be adapted to fit almost any carrier vehicle.
  • The hydraulic settings are tamper-proof for safety and security.
Capacity ~1/4 – 2 cu yd (200 – 1500 ℓ)
Weight ~ 551 lbs (~ 250 kg)
Spreading Width 39-276” (1-7 m)
Chamber Height 24 – 37” (60 – 95 cm)
Overall Width 37 – 41” (93-105 cm)
Overall Length 31 – 91” (80 – 230 cm)
Standard Features Easy Installation, Screw Conveyor, protective grid, manual setting of spreading functions, adjustable spread pattern, tarpaulin cover
Options Control system with data recording, spreading process monitoring, splash guard, agitator shaft, reversal of screw movement, rotating beacon, camera set, flashing ring set, temperature sensor.