KUGELMANN Three-Point Hitch Spreader – D 301, D 601

You won’t be disappointed in this new generation of one-chamber three-point hitch spreaders!

  • Because it’s made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic, this spreader has unbeatable durability and reliability, so it’ll last for years and you won’t have to compromise on the level of quality.
  • With a spreading width that varies from 39” to 276” (1 to 7 m) and a screw conveyor that provides the ability to set exact amounts, it’s suitable for any job, no matter how big or small.
  • The three-point hitch means this spreader fits on most tractors.
  • The parking stand provided allows for hassle-free parking and storage.
D 301 D 601
Weight 392 lbs (178 kg) 492 lbs (223 kg)
Capacity 0.4 cu yd (300 ℓ) 0.78 cu yd (600 ℓ)
Overall Width 43” (108 cm) 53” (135 cm)
Spreading Width 39-276” (1 – 7 m)
Overall Height 50” (127 cm) 54” (137 cm)
Overall Length 32” (82 cm)
Hitch Category 3PH CAT I
Standard Features Parking Stand, Screw Conveyor for exact amounts, K-Tronic 1
Options Agitator shaft, K-Tronic 2 control system