Kugelmann Three-Point Spreader – D 301, D 601

You won’t be disappointed in this new generation of one-chamber three-point hitch spreaders!

  • Because it’s made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic, this spreader has unbeatable durability and reliability, so it’ll last for years and you won’t have to compromise on the level of quality.
  • With a spreading width that varies from 39” to 276” (1 to 7 m) and a screw conveyor that provides the ability to set exact amounts, it’s suitable for any job, no matter how big or small.
  • The three-point hitch means this spreader fits on most tractors.
  • The parking stand provided allows for hassle-free parking and storage.
D 301 D 601
Weight 392 lbs (178 kg) 492 lbs (223 kg)
Capacity 79 G (300 litres) 159 G (600 litres)
Overall Width 43” (108 cm) 53” (135 cm)
Spreading Width 39-276” (1-7 m)
Overall Height 50” (127 cm) 54” (137 cm)
Overall Length 32” (82 cm)
Hitch Category 3PH CAT I
Standard Features Parking Stand, Screw Conveyor for exact amounts, K-Tronic 1
Options Agitator shaft, K-Tronic 2 control system

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