GMR Rotary Mower – Triplex – TH/THM 2500, TH/THM 3000

Rotary mower divided in 3 sections, fully hydraulic or mechanical/hydraulic operated, with heavy duty caster wheels, fixed knives, hydraulic lift of side mowers, automatic shut off when tilted more than 30°.

Hydraulic tilt-up for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Innovation that cuts!

TH/THM 2500 TH/THM 3000
Weight 805 lbs (365 kg) 970 lbs (440 kg)
Cutting Width 98” (248 cm) 114” (290 cm)
Overall Width 100” (253 cm) 117” (298 cm)
Overall Height 20” (50 cm)
Cutting Height 1-3” (2-8 cm)
Power Requirements 34 HP (25 kW) 42 HP (31 kW)
Height Adjustment Hydraulic or Mechanical
Number of Rotors 5 pcs
Number of Knives 5 pcs
Tires 6 pcs 10 x 3″
Standard Features Hydraulic life of side mowers, Automatic stop of blades.
Hitch Category 3-Point or A-Frame CAT 1
Options Hydraulic Tilt-Up, Mulching kit, Chain guard, Rubber guard, Anti scalp disc, Flotation mounting frame, Foam filled puncture resistant wheels, Wide wheels included wheel fork.

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