CERRUTI Centre Driven Ribbon Blower – PTO SUPER MIDDLE – L 1400, 1500, 1600

Suitable for medium/large capacity tractors 80-120 HP. Lever-adjustable skid shoes, galvanized steel chute, hydraulic chute rotation, and deflector adjustment. Front or rear mount, and serrated heavy-duty augers.

  • Self-supporting front auger with ice breakers.
  • Galvanized steel tilt-up chute for easy cleaning.
  • The augers are made with a serrated edge and reinforced to cut through hard-packed snow and ice.
  • Adjustable skid shoes allow you to adjust the height of the cutting edge to save blowing gravel off of the pathway.
  • Hydraulic chute rotation and deflector adjustment allow you to make adjustments without leaving the tractor cab.
L 1400 L 1500 L 1600
Weight 838 lbs (380 kg) 904 lbs (410 kg) 970 lbs (440 kg)
Clearing Width 55” (140 cm) 59” (150 cm) 63” (160 cm)
Overall Width 57” (145 cm) 61” (155 cm) 65″ (165 cm)
Intake Height 33.5” (85 cm)
Overall Height 75” (190 cm)
Cutting Auger Diameter 20” (50 cm)
Power Requirements 50/100 HP (37/74.5 kW) 50/110 HP (37/82 kW) 65/110 HP (48.5/82 kW)
Impeller Diameter 20” (50 cm)
Standard Features Cast iron gearbox, auger with ice breaker, hydraulic chute rotation, hydraulic chute deflector adjustment, chute installed on thrust ball-bearings, hand-crank adjustable skid shoes
Hitch Category Category 2 3-point connector with swivel joints and slots for self-leveling.
Options Fully-adjustable chute in galvanized iron, electric chute rotation, electric chute deflector, automatic safety torque limiters on auger, chute extension, other sizes available.