GMR Grass Collecting Container – SC 800, SC 1200, SC 1500

Container for mounting on tool carriers for excellent grass and leaf collection. High suctions capacity, low noise level and vibration damp suction turbine with replacement wearing plates in turbine house. Stable frame construction and high tip and large tip angle. The container is sandblasted and powder coated for anti-corrosive protection. The grass collecting container is supplied with all necessary equipment, ready to install and with support legs for storage.

SC 800 SC 1200 SC 1500
Weight 948 lbs (430 kg) 1047 lbs (475 kg) 1213 lbs (550 kg)
Maximum Load 211 G (800 litres) 317 G (1200 litres) 396 G (1500 litres)
Overall Width 49” (125 cm) 51” (130 cm)
Overall Height 39” (100 cm) 47” (120 cm)
Dumpling Height 787” (2 m)
Power Requirements 16.5 HP (22 kW)
Minimum Oil Requirements 10.6-16 G (40-60 litres)
Pressure 2900 PSI (200 bar)
Standard Features 2 piece hydraulic cylinder for high tip dumping, parking rack
Options 4 m tube with grib and nozzle, Bracket for hand suction tube, Noise reduction

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